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Here at Letterpress Ireland we do our best to convince every couple to only use the best materials when designing and printing a letterpress stationery set. The best materials for a letterpress printer is long fibre, cold pressed 100% cotton paper. The 600gsm weight is best for the main invitation, this makes it look and feel rich and substantial. The card can be accompanied with a plain or lined 100% cotton matching envelope or sometimes an alternative envelope can be used to compliment a wedding theme. If it’s classic you’re looking for, well these are the cream of the crop. The famous weddings you hear about undoubtedly have had the couples send out letterpress wedding invitations. The process is all done by hand on archival materials making it a unique and timeless possession to cherish for many years after your wedding day. We hope that you can help to keep this beautiful craft alive by beginning the process of creating your wedding stationery set with us.

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