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Letterpress is a unique printing technique which leaves an impression on the paper or card. In order to create stationery worthy of its distinctive quality only the utmost attention is given to design and then translated to clever solutions on premium materials. Naturally, taking this into account our design & print wedding stationery sets start at approximately €750 using standard stock and around the  €1150 mark if using 100% cotton.* You can also supply your own materials and we will happily print only! Please talk to us about this before sourcing your own papers.

Not all jobs are the same, specifications will affect the final price so don’t hesitate to contact us and we will customise a set to suit your requirements. In other words “you can choose your own price” and we will make it look great.

Ask about what’s on offer. Wedding suite packages usually include Main Invitations, RSVP or Thank you cards, Mass Booklets/Sheets and Seating plans. Every suite may differ so it will be tailored to suit your occasion. Each handmade bespoke piece is one of a kind and cannot be compared to mass produced commercial prints, much needed care is taken when working out specifications.

Since our prices can vary hugely depending on specifications we have broken down some examples for a basic price guide for print only. If you can supply your text exactly as required and give a description of the type of design you like it will simplify and speed up the process and will save design charges.

Design is charged at €50p/hr so a fresh new design for a main invitation usually works out at around €150 or €300 for a complete set. We will send two design revisions in order to achieve your desired result. It is advised to send through examples of invitation sets that catch your eye to keep the process within timeframes and the prices listed.

If you order either Offer 6 or 7 listed below we will design it for free! That is a huge saving but this offer is for a limited time only, these offers do not run as part of another offer advertised. Please reference which offer you require when ordering. Offers below will run until the 31st of Aug 2019

Print Only Offers:

Offer 1: Qty 100 5×7″ Letterpress Invitations printed one colour on house stock with matching envelopes = €579

Offer 2: Qty 100 5×7″ Letterpress Invitations printed two colours on house stock with matching envelopes = €679

Offer 3: Qty 100 5×7″ Letterpress Invitations printed one colour on house stock, rounded corners, matching envelopes = €639

Offer 4: Qty 100 5×7″ Letterpress Invitations printed two colours on house stock, rounded corners, matching envelopes = €779

Offer 5: Qty 100 5×7″ Letterpress Invitations printed one colour on house stock, printed envelopes = €709

Offer 6: Qty 100 5×7″ Letterpress Invitations printed one colour on house stock, rounded corners, printed envelopes = €839

Offer 7: Qty 100 5×7″ Letterpress Invitations printed two colours on house stock, rounded corners, printed envelopes = €879

These offers have been optimised to meet the highest standards possible by using house materials. Speciality orders for materials will be charged accordingly, eg. 100% Cotton stock has an added expense but we think it’s worth it. If you would like a customised quote just give us a call or drop an email. Plenty sizes are possible, A5, 7×7″, 6×6″, DL, Half long A4, we can do any size really.

Guide Prices are shown in the Prices PDF file for standard one or two colour jobs printed on house selected cardstock.

For non wedding custom jobs our Prices PDF gives an indication of the costs but just contact us for a personalised quote.

Please contact us via email or call for a quote.

We pride ourselves on original design and print finishing. We only use the finest materials otherwise we would fall into the trap of supplying cheap imitations. We cannot sacrifice quality as letterpress is ultimately a luxury product.

We also design and print creative stationery for businesses.

If you have a special request we will price accordingly. Please send an example of something you like as specifications will have a bearing on price. If you’re unsure just call us on 0873565440 – Please leave a message if we miss you.

We hope to talk with you soon. All the best from Letterpress Ireland

Here are some items from our online shop. All of which currently hold approx 15% discount if bought online – If you do not know exactly what you like yet you can still Pay a deposit now to reserve your slot for design and we will finalise specifications with you during the design stages.

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